Q . How to Designate As a Ramsar Site?
A . Under the Ramsar Convention, there are some conditions to decide which wetland should be designated. The followings are examples.
E wetlands which are the habitats for endangered species of animals and plants.
E wetlands which are necessary for migration and breeding of animals.
E wetlands where more than 20,000 waterbirds come regularly or live.
In Japan, wetlands which fulfil the above conditions are protected as "Wildlife Protection Area" by law so that nobody can develop these lands without permission, hunt animals, or pick plants in the area.
If residents around the wetland reach an agreement that they would like to designate the wetland as a Ramsar site, the Japanese Government would express their hope of designating the wetland to the Ramsar Convention Bureau. When the Bureau completes the procedure, the wetland will be officially admitted as a Ramsar site.

To be designated as
a Ramsar Site is to be admitted as
an especially important wetland.