Q . What is The Conference of The Ramsar Convention?
A . There is a big conference of the Ramsar Convention every three years. The conference, which is also called the Conference of the Contracting Parties, or the Ramsar Conference, is attended by representatives of the countries joining the convention as well as representatives of the countries which have not joined the convention and representatives of organizations which are concerned with the conservation of nature and wetlands.
At the conference, they discuss matters related to the Ramsar Convention such as goals for achievement, conditions of wetlands, and efforts against wetland conservation in each country. Because those who are working on wetland conservation gather at the conference from all over the world, they can exchange useful information and opinions.

In Japan, the conference
was held in Kushiro City
in Hokkaido in 1993.

Past Ramsar Convention's Meetings of the Conference of the Contracting Parties

Order Year Country City No. of the Map above
1st1980Italy Cagliari 1
2nd1984the NetherlandsGroningen 2
3rd1987Canada Regina 3
4th1990Switzerland Montreux 4
5th1993Japan Kushiro 5
6th1996Australia Brisbane 6
7th1999Costa Rica San Jos 7
8th2002Spain Valencia 8
9th2005Uganda Kampala 9
10th2008Republic of KoreaChangwon 10
11th2012Romania Bucharest 11

The 12thConference of the Contracting Parties will be held in Uruguay.