• 2016-07-22 topics > No.30 Public Participation Survey of a Restored River Environment – Summer 2016
    On 10 July 2016, a public participation survey on a restored river environment was conducted in the Kayanuma District of Shibecha Town, where the meander of the Kushiro River has been restored. This was the thirteenth survey since 2010, and was attended by 27 people including local residents and KIWC staff members.

    Participants were divided into three groups (a soil survey team, an aquatic organism survey team and a vegetation survey team) and carefully conducted their surveys under the guidance of experts. The soil survey team investigated riverside geological formations and river sandbank scale to gauge the status of sedimentation and flooding in the restored channel. The aquatic organism survey team observed fish in different habitats at survey locations. Meanwhile, the vegetation survey team investigated vegetation changes in four demarcated areas of the forest

    After the survey, participants assembled at a nearby facility to look back on and summarise their surveys. They then compared their survey results with past data and discussed changes they found.

    The event provided valuable opportunities to witness the works and impacts of the meandering river.

    This initiative was implemented with the River Improvement Fund provided by the River Foundation.